Chasin' Freedum

Latest book release by Quawntay Adams on the chasin' freedum from his life experiences

About The Book

​​ A memoir of a wise fool's pursuit for freedom from confusion, poverty, and incarceration, often the wrong way.
Chasin' Freedum is more than a story about a man attempting to escape prison. It is a story about Quawntay's struggles and continuous cycles of misfortune. It is an entertaining, touching, and inspiring memoir that provides a glimpse into the mind and heart of a man who has been described as a wise fool, a rebel, a humanitarian, an escape artist, and simply a man determined to turn a life of misfortune into a fortune. My story has a message of hope. One that should inspire you to find your meaning and purpose in life. One that will prove that we are not lost souls here to be destroyed and wasted. Yet, we are warriors for a cause, and our purpose is to fight to make changes that will better our conditions.

Thanks for visiting my page.

My name is Quawntay Adams. I can be described as a criminal, drug dealer, escape artist, rebel, humanitarian, wise guy, fool, advocate, and many more characters. The choice is yours. But please take time to know me before you describe me.

I am the author of the Chasin'Freedum, a memoir about my dysfunctional struggles. I am also the subject of the documentary Breakout (which can be seen below) and several other journalistic manifestations.

This site was created to share my story and hopefully positively impact the lives of others. It also allows my thoughts and words to escape the boundaries of these prison walls, bars, and gates I am confined to. By opening up and sharing myself with you, I hope to turn my life of misfortune into a fortune.

I hope you enjoy my page. Feel free to contact me or post questions and comments.


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